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The laser products by Apollo Instruments includes collimated or fiber-coupled laser diode modules and systems of different power levels and brightness, optics and laser drivers for operating these devices, turnkey systems that integrate the laser modules with drivers for convenient operation, high-power fiber laser systems with near diffraction limited beam quality, and custom systems or devices that are designed based on specific applications.

To provide cost-effective solutions to our customers, a variety of options are offered for the laser products to satisfy the operation mode (CW or Pulsed), beam manipulation, and other requirements.

Custom designs are also available, enabling you to obtain the optical, electrical, or mechanical specifications that best fit your application. Apollo's technology provides high flexibility for devices and systems, and our engineers are always happy to provide solutions that satisfy your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact sales with your creative expectations and unique applications. As always, your information will be kept confidential.
  • Collimated Lens
  • Focusing Lens
  • Lens Design
  • High Power Fiber Assembly
High Power Powder Fusion Systems
- power 3-6kW
- working distance >150mm
- CW
- back reflection resistant
- microchannel cooled
- beam dimension 3x6mm or larger
High Power Industrial Laser Systems
- M2 <1.2
- 50-500W
- CW to 10 kHz
- Back reflection resistant
Turnkey Systems
• High power and high brightness
• Single wavelength output 780-1530nm
• Turnkey and stand-alone operation
Fiber-Coupled Laser Diodes
•High power and high brightness
•High coupling efficiency
•Single wavelength and ...
Collimated Laser Diodes
  • High power and superior beam quality
  • Polarized beam output
  • Low divergence (>3mrad)
  • Laser Diode Drivers
    Laser Diode Drivers
    CW or QCW operation functions
    RS-232 interface ...
    Fiber Laser Systems
    Fiber Laser Systems
    CW or modulated CW mode CW
    Near diffraction limited output
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