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Turnkey Systems
Optton fiber-coupled laser diodes offer high brightness and high power with unprecedented beam quality. These compact devices deliver up to 10kW through a fiber assembly with core diameter ranging from 0.05-1mm. These devices can be offered in various configurations. Fiber-coupled modules that deliver up to 60 watts are conductively cooled and ready for mounting on a heat sink. Devices with higher power are normally water cooled. Apollo's water-cooled devices are robust. There is no need to use de-ion water or ultra-filtration. The fiber-coupled laser diodes provide ideal beam sources for system integration and offer the simplest and easiest way to deliver high-power laser light to a variety of applications. The devices are cost-effective pump sources for laser pumping (such as fiber laser pumping). They can also be excellent beam sources for material processing and medical applications. Due to the high brightness, the devices have been shown to be effective in direct laser applications such as metal cutting, marking, soldering, welding and silicon wafer treatment. Together with a focusing lens, some laser modules can easily achieve a beam spot with a power density over 4MW/cm2. Models are now available in a variety of wavelengths ranging from 780nm-1530nm. Although the standard modules are built with a single wavelength, multiple wavelengths can be combined.

One of the unique characteristics of Apollo Instruments' fiber-coupled devices is that all the output is emitted from the fiber core. There is no cladding mode.
  • High power and high brightness
  • High coupling efficiency
  • Single wavelength and single fiber output
  • NA 0.22
  • Fiber core diameter 0.05-1.0mm
  • Maintenance free
  • Wavelengths 780-1530nm
  • Compact design
  • Flexible for system integration
  • Power output up to 10kW
Typical Products and Specifications
Typical Products


  Product Name Output Power Fiber Core Diameter
  F10-XXX-0.5 10 W 50 µm
  F10-XXX-1 10 W 100 µm
  F20-XXX-1 20 W 100 µm
  F40-XXX-1 40 W 100 µm
  F75-XXX-1 75 W 100 µm
  F25-XXX-2 25 W 200 µm
  F50-XXX-2 50 W 200 µm
  F150-XXX-2 150 W 200 µm
  F250-XXX-2 250 W 200 µm
  F25-XXX-4 25 W 400 µm
  F100-XXX-4 100 W 400 µm
  F200-XXX-4 200 W 400 µm
  F400-XXX-4 400 W 400 µm
  F15-XXX-6 15 W 600 µm
  F30-XXX-6 30 W 600 µm
  F100-XXX-6 100 W 600 µm
  F150-XXX-6 150 W 600 µm
  F250-XXX-6 250 W 600 µm
  F500-XXX-6 500 W 600 µm
  F1000-XXX-10 1000 W 1 mm
  F5000-XXX-10 5000 W 1 mm
Typical Specification
Spectral Width (FWHM) <250W: 3-4nm
>250W: 4-6nm>
Wavelength Shift 0.27nm/°C
Fiber Connector SMA 905>
Operating Current 45-90 A
Threshold Current <8 A
Cooling Water or Conduction
Operating Temperature 10-30°C
Storage Temperature -10-60°C
Package Thermal
Lifetime >10,000 hrs
We also offer other models not listed above. For more information, please contact us with a model number of your choice.
Model Number Breakdown (FY-XXX-Z)
F:Model Type: F = Turnkey System
Y:Output Power (W): Up to 10kW
XXX:Wavelength (nm)
*Standard: 808, 915, 940, or 980 nm
*Non-standard available. Please inquire.
Z:Fiber Core Diameter (in hundreds of microns): 0.05-1.0mm
In addition to our standard designs, Apollo Instruments offers many existing design modifications that allow for a high degree of product customization. Apollo Instruments also supplies a variety of optical options, such as low aberration focusing and/or collimation assemblies, mirrors, filters, spatial filters, and other accessories. Please inquire for further information if these options or other features can better help us meet your needs.

  • Pilot Beam
A low power visible diode laser can be integrated into the laser modules for tracking the laser output. Power to the pilot beam is integrated in Apollo's laser diode driver. If a different laser is used, a 2.5V-3.5V DC power source should be supplied.

  • Operation Modes
These laser diode devices can be designed to operate with high-power output in QCW mode and other pulse modes. The short pulse option allows the module to produce very short (ns level) pulses as a stand-alone device.

  • Photodiode Sensor
A photodiode sensor placed in the module provides the user with a precise gauge of the laser status.

  • TEC Cooling Stage
Some products can be equipped with our TEC cooling stage. Together with a thermal electric cooler (TEC) and heat sink, the cooling stage allows precision cooling. Based on your need, the heat sink can be air-cooled or water-cooled.

  • Laser Diode Driver
The advanced circuit design and layout of the laser diode driver provides a low noise, highly stable output current. External digital modulation input allows precision control of the laser output for use in a variety of applications. A slow-start sequence as well as multiple shorting and current limiting circuits provides superior protection during operation of the laser diode.
Material processing
Cladding and coating
Medical therapeutics
Projection display
Metal cutting
Silicon wafer treatment
Fiber amplifiers
Metal heating
Fiber laser pumping
Metal welding
Hardening and heat treatment
Plastic cutting
Thermal surface treatment
Plastic welding
Wafer scribing
Powder fusio
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